Edwin Markham

Outwitted by Edwin Markham
He drew a circle that shut me out -
Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout,
But Love and I had the wit to win:
We drew a circle and took him in!

domingo, 19 de julio de 2015

Little Piece of the Sky

Highlands of Paraguay,
   Butterfly garden, giant wings of blue and black.
Deep orange patterns painted on mushrooms.
   Pearled weavings of spider webs stranded
Across green grass and red mud paths.
   Wind whispering in palms,
Emerald parrots screeching above the distant
   Rumble of trucks.  I look down, down,
Down to the distant valley.  Smoke from
   Clearing forests for soybeans and cattle,
Patches of yellow fields fallow, foreign pines
   And eucalyptus plantations.  Here up, up, up,
above, I rest in
                 A little piece of the sky.

Elena Huegel
July 2015

sábado, 18 de julio de 2015



I recognize the "you" in "me" and the "me" in you.
Common humanity.
Frail yet strong.
Surviving, even thriving.
In the midst of the past
of the past
and the future
of the future.
Wonderful and full of wonder.
Created and creating.

June 2015

domingo, 12 de julio de 2015